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iso rom help

« on: October 30, 2013, 10:53:40 PM »
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  • chrtylee

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    what is the fastest running area rom? i like 3.5 but it sometimes lags on me a bit, for example i just had to mash the hell out of the home button to get the play store to close. it also happens with other apps, even on wifi words with friends can take forever to load and update games when words are played. iheartradio is a must so i think i have to stay with gb, no froyo for me. as far as i know the precedent has better ram and cpu then my lg p509 which is why i think the rom is the issue here. that phone ran those apps flawlessly. sadly i cant remember the rom it had, just that it was the franco kernel with a min of 320 and max of 800. im not picky on launcher but not fond of holo. im using smart launcher right now, my p509 had buzz which i liked as well. im slightly interested in trying the windows 8 launcher. i wanted to try AreaROM 3.0 TurboEX but the link is down.
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    cant figure out phone settings below lol. my carrier is straight talk, the kernel is the area kernel installed when i installed area rom 3.5. i rooted the phone using arfe16 odin. and my recovery is cwm that odin installed

    Re: iso rom help

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  • prepaidguy9081

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    I would recomend you try cm 7.1

    I have a good guide that will get you up and runing with vm heap and such.

    It ran pretty nice for me.

    Cpu master is a great app.
    It will allow you to overclock while the screen is on and underclock while screen is off or ur in a call ext.
    Dont go below 480mhz for max. And stay with preformance, not on demand with cm7.1

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