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Author Topic: Centura Root  

Topic Modified: 25/04/14 (10:08) AM
 Disclaimer: We here at Area 51 Development Group are formally Not responsible for anything that may happen
  to your phone while you are installing a non market item with this in mind installing this is totally at
 your Discretion.This will void any warrenty

 Here's what you all have been waiting for,The only working Root for the Centura.

 Make sure you have CWM installed   





Download the ROOT zip,extract it to your desktop,open it and click on root2 folder,copy and paste the root folder in there to your sdcard so it should be clockworkmod/backup,root.

Scroll to backup/restore/ ,root,hit the power button to install,

If you done every thing up to this point right you will see it restoring .when it says restore completed you can now reboot your phone.

You have just rooted the Centura....
read read read then do...if you mess it up its no ones fault but your own

After you boot back up you will get a popup wanting you do update,click install and it will reboot your
phone into clockworkmode will give you a warning its not signed, make sure no is highlighted and hit the
power button,then power button again your phone will reboot and no more pesky popup. you will still get a yellow ! you can either
get a jig for it or wait till the rom is released.

Thanks go out to Motorhead for making Root possible and kingmt01 for the root files

Seems theres suppose to be a problem with the link...............if your trying to DL it with your phone it wont work........use a PC to DL the file.............links have been checked and DBL checked and there working fine on a PC................

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Re: Centura Root

« Reply #1 » Published on:June 28, 2013, 12:23:58 AM

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Re: Centura Root

« Reply #2 » Published on:August 14, 2013, 03:11:06 PM

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