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Author Topic: Rooting Your LG-L55c (LG Optimus Q)  

Topic Modified: 28/04/13 (10:16) AM
LG Optimus Q Root How To

(Read all of this!!!)
(FAILURE to heed this warning can result in damage to your device!!!!)

Disclaimer: We here at Area 51 Development Group are formally Not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone while you are installing a non market item with this in mind installing this is totally at your Discretion, This an Odin Install and is usually a Painless Process, also be aware that Doing this will ROOT your phone and Void any Warranty you may have on your phone. Installing software not from the market has its risks, This software has been tested by Myself and my Beta Test Team. Still we are not responsible for what could happen if you use this product in anyway other than intended.

WARNING: This Product will Root your Phone and therefore VOID any Warranty that you may have, If you do not Wish to Proceed Please Delete the Software.

Here is what to do:

First Down load The LG USB Drivers


***Then Reboot your computer***

Now Plug your phone into your computer make sure your phone is in charge only and usb debugging mode is on this is accomplished by

1. Plugging your device into your computer (Warning....Use the cord that came with your phone....yes this makes a difference)

2. Press setting, scroll down to applications and select it the check the box that says Unknown sources, then scroll down to development, and check the two boxes USB Debugging & stay awake

3. press the home key

4. swipe down and your screen and select charge only mode.

5. now download the LG_Esteem_Root.zip


6. unzip the LG_Esteem_Root.zip by right clicking the file and choosing unzip.

7. navigate to where you unziped the LG_Esteem_Root.zip to and click on run.bat

8.wait for your device to reboot this can take up to 5 minutes....Once rebooted your rooted enjoy!!!

If you wish to Install CWM (Highly Recommended) then continue reading.

First download the recovery files

Recovery Files

Unzip them and place both files on your SD card using USB mass storage mode
then download and instal AndroidTerminal.apk from the play store

Android Terminal Google Play Link For Your Conveneince

once inside terminal emulator type
then hit enter and when it asks for SuperUser permission Grant by pressing yes

then continue by typing

mount -o remount, rw /system
cp /sdcard/flash_image /system/bin
cd /system/bin
chmod 777 flash_image
flash_image recovery /sdcard/LGL55C_recovery.img
reboot recovery

enter each line and press enter

If all was type write it should reboot your device into CWM (ClockWork Mod Based Recovery)

from here you are free to Install a Rom From our site or even make a CWM backup (Highly Recommended!!!!!)

Thank You,

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