Author Topic: Straight Talk LGL55C with Qwerty - AreaRomQ v2.1 Stock Kernel Issue  (Read 2392 times)

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    I rooted my Straignt Talk LGL55C and installed the AreaRomQ v2.1 rom. I used the 876 kernal as suggested and everything worked well, aside from my phone getting warm and using up the battery quickly. I was having those issues with the phone before I changed anything from factory so I really cant say the rom caused it. I decided I would install the "Stock Kernel" that was provided with the rom in an attempt to minimize battery usage. I didn't see any immediate issues when I did this but a short time later my WiFi stopped working. The status of my WiFi was "error" tried everything I could think of to fix it. Nothing worked until I went back to the 876 kernel. Not sure exactly what happened but I recommend sticking with the 876 becuse the 946 was kind of glitchy and made the battery problem even works.

    It seems that the battery issue is due to by phone looking for signal. Does any one have any tips to help this other than airplane mode. I would like to have a chance of getting my calls if I'm lucky enough to have signal.

    I have also see that some say this rom has issues when you transfer the memory to the sd card. What kind of problems does this cause and can this just be transferred back to the phone or will I I have to install the Rom again and skip that step?

    Sorry if that a dumb question. Im a noob. Dint know anything about rooting or modding phones untill I started reading about it last night.
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    Re: Straight Talk LGL55C with Qwerty - AreaRomQ v2.1 Stock Kernel Issue

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    You are the second person that had Wi-Fi problems with the stock kernel.. The new phones coming out must have something different about them...

    If you set up a2SD all your apps will be on the SD partition, it messes things up when you manually move apps to the SD. Since all the apps are already on the SD there is no reason to try and move them to the SD.   8)

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