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Text messages received with extra spaces

« on: May 09, 2012, 06:28:53 AM »
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    I'm having an issue with the Area Slider ROM where people receive some of my text messages l I k e t h I s with an extra space between each character. Has anyone else experienced this? It doesn't happen with every message, and seems to happen more often on multi page messages. It's there a way to fix this? Flashing the custom ROM again didn't correct this. I did have to install Ginger Kernel to get Wifi working, if this helps narrow it down.

    I have also confirmed that I experience this issue using the Mobster ROM without GingerKernel as well. What could have been changed from stock to cause this? I have spent a few days now poking around the ROM trying to trace this problem to it's source. I have researched SMS encoding, the RIL, the mmssms.db and telephony.db files, and the Mms and TelephonyProvider APKs, all with no hint of any settings or values which look like they would relate to my issue. I went as far as copying the Mms.apk and TelephonyProvider.apk from the stock ROM over the ones in the custom Roms, but all this did was cause said apps to Force Close on boot, or cause the phone to hang during boot after the animation. So I reverted back to the versions included with the ROM to get the phone usable again.

    The best clues I have found are a YouTube video about a non Android Samsung phone with the same problem where they corrected it with an encoding setting in that phone's SMS application, and a single thread on a Verizon forum about IPhones experiencing the same thing. Neither shed any light on a possible solution.

    I really thought that swapping the APK files would solve it. My only other theory is to verify that the SMS encoding is correct, but I have yet to discover how to do this. If anyone has a hint in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
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