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ES file explorer, a noobs guid, Bluetooth, lan, box accounts

« on: November 14, 2012, 02:56:50 AM »
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    to share files from your phone to your pc and from your pc to your phone

    you can do this using bluetooth and lan

    you will need es file explorer

    first bluetooth
    in es explorer enable root privligaes, jsut incase its needed
    open settings and go to ftp settings
    enable remote manage (it will give you a web address you can manage your files with too)
    go layout settings and untick remove bluetooth
    now open the bluetooth tab.
    now press the home button and go to settings>wirless networks>bluetooth settings, and make your device visable
    now add your phone though your bluetooth wizard on the computer, and make sure you select ftp, along with any other service you want
    now you should be able to view your files on your phone from your computer, send to your phone and pull from your phone on your computer

    but hey mister prepaidguy, i wanna leave my computer on and copy files from my pc without touching it

    First we need to enable SMB

    so lets add a lan

    to set up SMB on windows XP, click Start -> Control Panel.

    Click the "Network and Internet Connections" option.

    Then click the "Network Connections" option.

    Double click the icon labelled "Local Area Connection". The icon may have a number after it, for example "Local Area Connection 5".

    Click the Properties button.

    Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click Properties.

    Click Advanced.

    On the DNS tab, untick the box marked "Register this connection's addresses in DNS".

    On the WINS tab, click Add, then enter (not the address in the picture! that's out of date) and click Add.

    This should add a new entry in the "WINS addresses" box.

    Click OK, OK, OK and Close. Click Back twice, so that you are in the main Control Panel window again.

    Click the "Performance and Maintenance" option, then click on System.

    On the "Computer Name" tab, click the "Change..." button. The computer name should be set to the hostname - in most cases this is your hermes username. So if your computer is, you should set the computer name as "abc12". The workgroup should be set to "THSTUDENT".(for our porupouses you can set your computer name and network name to anyithing, just make them the same)

    Click OK. The "Full computer name" and Workgroup fields should now be set appropriately.

    Click OK, and reboot the computer. Your computer is now set up to use SMB properly.

    Now you are redy to go to the lan tab in es file explorer
    click menu, then new, then scan for server.
    now you should wate and your server will pop up
    now go around on your computer rightclicking any folder u want to share, open propertys and enable sharing on the sharing tab. you can add and delete shared folders in this way to your hearts content.

    to add your box,dropbox,sugar sync, ect

    click net
    click add
    sign in to said account
    allow access
    you can also add multipul accounts to the same box service (clear up some app space yo!)
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