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    I've recently picked up this factory unlocked, dual sim, android pae15i / x15i and I gotta confess for what I paid I'm not complaining .. (at 66 it's easier to see 4.5" then 3.5" on my old avail) I mean it's pretty snappy and all that but sometimes I miss the old girl (rooted, rom flashed, kernel flashed and overclocked) especially I miss the favorite apps and the control of a rooted phone so I sure would like to hear of any info on rooting this one  .. I started to use one click whatever 2.3.3 but it hung near the end and I chicken'd out and bailed back to safe and sound land. (I just hate bricking a new phone!)
    Other then need to be rooted so far I feel like this puppy is worth $69.95 !!
    (with free shipping (4 days) and 2 batteries)

    I just looked at 'about phone' and this is what it says ... model e1109_v73_gq1003_rtp   .....  Android version 2.3.6 ..... Kernel version ...

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated ...

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    • zte z990 / avail att
    • AreaRom CWM v6
    • PhydeuxROM 2.x

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