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Elderly Application

« on: February 28, 2014, 11:35:42 PM »
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    Ok so i found a program a while back that has an android port.
    This application is to help elderly people use the net easily.
    Howevr it does not have alot of US based goodies in it there english version points to almost all UK stuff.

    Now the Android version APK canbe modified to suit a U.S. Users needs the linux and win  vers i cannot modify.

    So my goal make my android tablet into somethng my grandmother an use again and see.

    When i edited this apk however a small mod 1 png replaced and 1 html link changed in an xml. It would not install on the device after the mod.

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    I also tried just replacing the 2 in 7zip

    i installed the orig APK fine.

    I swaped the png and the modded html file. and when i tried install it sad app not installed

    only 2 files were
    eldy_en_signed.apk\assets\www\images\ deleted one file created lds.png


    eldy_en_signed.apk\assets\www\utili\util.html changed the link and image to the new image file

    I tried a normal install i also tried pushing to a system app both fail...

    any advice.

    Links to stock APK and edited APK

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