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Author Topic: [AA51][ROM] AreaRom v2.2-GreenBread Release  

Topic Modified: 14/03/12 (04:22) PM
Disclaimer: We here at Area 51 Development Group are formally Not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone while you are installing a non market item with this in mind installing this is totally at your Discretion, This an Odin Install and is usually a Painless Process, also be aware that Doing this will ROOT your phone and Void any Warranty you may have on your phone. Installing software not from the market has its risks, This software has been tested by Myself and my Beta Test Team. Still we are not responsible for what could happen if you use this product in anyway other than intended.

WARNING: This Product will Root your Phone and therefore VOID any Warranty that you may have, If you do not Wish to Proceed Please Delete the Software.

First Post Odin Install For Those without v2.0 or higher Installed
INSTALLING DIRECTIONS FOR ODIN/CWM INSTALL Please Read the Inclosed ReadMe also as these are in there too

Copy the AreaRom.v.2.2.gb.zip to the  ROOT of your SDCARD

after Copy is complete Power OFF the Phone
and Place in Download Mode by holding Vol Down, Camera, and Power till you see the Yellow Downloading... on the Screen

if you have Odin'd Previous Versions of AreaRom Please Make Sure
that the folders for ops, boot, phone, and pda are all the AreaRom.v.2.2.GB.Odin

Run Odin, put the ops file in ops slot
boot in boot slot
phone in phone slot
pda in pda slot

click start
when phone reboots, you will have to put it in RECOVERY Mode to Finish the Install

HOLD VOL Up Camera and Power till you see blue recovery screen

scroll to Install zip from SDCard press camera
Choose Zip is Highlighted press Camera
Scroll to AreaRom.v.2.2.GB.zip press camera
Scroll to Yes - Install AreaRom.v.2.2.G press Camera

NOW WAIT.. let it do what it has to do

when you get blue text at the top again hit the back button on the bottom of phone to get to previous menu. Reboot will be Highlighted click camera

After Phone Fully Boots to GingerBread Hold Power till you get the menu tap recovery this will take you back to CWM to do
A factory reset please do the factory reset click on reboot cwm will come up one more time just click on the reboot and phone will boot normally.
Added Apps,

Go Locker
Go Launcher EX
GoSms Pro
Titanium BackUp Root

Other Bloatware

Ok now the Fun Stuff

v2.2 Release Notes:

# - Custom BootAnimation
# - Added Go Locker
# - Advanced Task Killer - Preinstalled
# - has the latest in Malware Protection
# - New Frameworks
# - added GPS tweaks
# - added ad blocking hosts file
# - increased max window manager events to 150
# - added 3g tweaks
# - Deodex'd
# - Zipaligned
# - Pre-rooted
# - Enabled stagefright
# - new APNS Config Files for MMS Pic Msging
# - ICS Transitions Preinstalled
# - Full Set ICS Sounds (Ringtones, Alarms, UI, Notifications)

Interdpth - For making root possible
To The beta testers for beta testing and risking their phones
thanks to jude on how to get bootanimation.zip working
Thanks to the App Makers for The Awesome Added Apps
Thanks to Koumajutsu for making the EJ06 Odin
hroark13 for CWM
Bloodawn for the 3g Hacks and CIQ Canceling,apps and misc frameworks from CTMod 2.3 Without these 2.2 would not have come together.
nSomniac For finding the Pics Msging Fix the COOL DialPad and all his theming work..
Rookie407 For the Color Scheme Idea/bootanimation, and Background and just being around to help out.
UOT Kitchen for the ICONS, PopUp Colors
Thanks to PureEvil for being a hell of an Admin on the Forums we do miss you in chat and on the board.

Thanks to Everyone Who has Donated to the Development Fund and helped Keep this Project Alive.

AreaRom v2.2-GreenBread based on Android 2.3.7

  American Mirror: Download ODIN Install Here

  French Mirror: Download ODIN Install Here

MD5: c6139dd632a4c4aa6c7c2daf15f45b63

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Re: [AA51][ROM] AreaRom v2.2-GreenBread Release CWM RELEASE

« Reply #1 » Published on:January 20, 2012, 04:55:41 PM

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CWM INSTALL For those running 2.0 or higher

Copy this Zip file to the root of your SDCARD power off your phone and boot to CWM Recovery
Holding Volume Up, Camera and Power till you see android in small letters on your screen,

In CWM Recovery Select Install Zip from SDCARD press camera

select AreaRom.v.2.2.GB.zip press camera

Select Yes Press Camera

Thats It let it do its thing,

REMEMBER TO DO A FACTORY RESET AFTER INSTALLING, This will Give you a Clean Run and Will help the new apns configs take effect.

  American Mirror: Download CWM INSTALL

  French Mirror: Download CWM INSTALL

MD5: 1e40bfc06ab778093cc1e65f9950c85c
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