Author Topic: Idiots Guide: Installing [ROM][STABLE]AreaRom v3.4  (Read 8325 times)

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Idiots Guide: Installing [ROM][STABLE]AreaRom v3.4

« on: January 04, 2013, 06:16:01 PM »
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    AreaRom v3.4 Install How To
    (Read all of this!!!)
    (FAILURE to heed this warning can result in damage to your device!!!!)


    Here is what to do:

    1. Hook up a USB cord to your phone -> Computer
        a. Use the USB cord that came with your phone!
        b. Yes this makes a difference.
        c. Just because a USB cord charges your phone does
            not mean it will allow data transfer!
        d. Just use the cord that came with your phone!

    2. Make sure USB debugging is on and USB mass Storage is off do this by
       a. Hitting the settings key and scrolling to Applications.
       b. Then from that menu select development.
       c. Then check the box entitled USB Debugging.

       d. Then swipe down the notification bar.
       e. Select the option that says Select to copy files to/from your computer.
       f. Then make sure then menu that appears says turn on USB mass storage.
       g. If it does not say this then please select the
          option that says Turn Off USB Mass Storage

    3. Download the Arearom FE16 BootLoader Odin

    ----Warning This Must be done from a computer----

    You will NEED THIS File if you Are Not on AreaRom 3.0 or Higher

    This is the AreaRom FE16 BootLoader ODIN Install you will need to install this if you are not Currently Using AreaRom 3.0 or Higher

    -----If you are on Arearom 3.0 or higher please skip to step 4-----

    To Install

    Download Arearom FE16 BootLoader Odin

    You have to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login or You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view or download this information

    While Holding Camera + Volume Down + Power (Hitting Power Last) till you see a Downloading.... in Yellow on your screen

    unzip this package to your Desktop

    open folder double click on odin_****.exe file

    the com box should turn a yellow color and have a com # in it something 1 - 8 is about normal

       a. If odin cant see your phone (AKA no yellow box with COM #) go here and try
          this:You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

       b. If odin can see your phone then continue on

       Click Ops select the ARCustom.ops and select ok
       Click boot select the ARCUSTOM_FE16_BOOT and select ok
       Click phone select the ARCUSTOM_FE16_PHONE and select ok
       Click pda select the ARCUSTOM_FE16_PDA and select ok

       NOW Click Start

    Wait for your phone to reboot this can take around 5 minutes


    4. Download You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    AreaRom 3.4


    Google Chrome
    Voltage Control
    Sense Analog Small Black Clock Widget
    Google Apps for AOSP Roms
    DSP Manager
    Wifi Tether
    Adobe_FlashPlayer_11.0.1.152 (For Root Users)
    Calendar is Fixed
    notification app adds the buttons on notification drop
    Lots of Fixes and New Tweaks
    Modified APNS Files MMS Pic Msging Now Working...
    ADW Launcher

    Redone the Theming to AR Green 00FF00 is the hex code.

    comes with stock 800 mhz Kernel w/ Extra Govs and I/O Schedulers...

    5. Place the on you phones SD card

    this is done by plugging in your phone to your computer and enabling USB mass Storage Mode and transferring the zipped
    folder to your phone like any other file

    (DO NOT UNZIP IT, just download and transfer it)


    6. After you have transfered the file

    7. Hold Camera + Volume Up + Power (hit power last)

    8. You should now be in Clock Work Based recovery mode (CWM for short)
       a. Press the Volume buttons to navigate up and down
       b. Press camera to select stuff
       c. Press power to go back

    9. Select: Install zip from SDcard

    10. Select: Choose zip from SDcard

    11. Find:

    12. Select:

    13. Select: Yes - Install

    14. Upon completion press the back key till u see an option that says reboot and select it
    (in the rare case it doesn't then restart it yourself by removing the battery and waiting 5 second then replacing the battery and turning the device back on)

    ----Your not done, keep reading!------

    15. Wait for you phone to boot back up
       a. This my take 5 mins the first boot, this is normal...Don't Panic!

    16. Hold Power button and select recovery

    17. Wait for phone to boot into recovery

    18. Select: wipe data/factory reset

    19. Select: Yes -- delete all user data

    20. wait for it to be done

    21. Select: reboot system now

    22. Phone will boot back into recovery
       a. We have no idea why it does this
       b. Don't bother asking why

    23. Select: reboot system now

    24. Your Done, and if you did everything in this order it worked!!


    This is how you install any versions of AreaRom v2.x or v3.x other then the name of the zip on your SDcard changes.

    Thank You,

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