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Blu Life View

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    Blu Life View

    Quick Specs
    DISPLAY:        LED-backlit IPS LCD
    Resolution:    720 x 1280
    Screen Size:  5.7 inches diag
    MEMORY:       Internal   16 GB ROM, 1 GB RAM (No SD card slot)
    CAMERA:        Back 12MP, Front 5 MP
    OS:                Android OS, v4.2 (Jelly Bean)
    Chipset:        Mediatek MT6589
    CPU:                Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7

    After searching the web over and over, I've decided to post all the files and links needed to root, flash CWM, and install custom roms all on one place.

    I decided to use AR51, due to I would like to see the DEVs pick up the phone and support it for developement.

    I happened across AR51 when they first started porting roms for the Samsung Precedent for Straight talk. Their work has been excellent not only on this the Precedent, but with the rest of the phones listed within this website. I have the files uploaded to my Google Drive, and have it shared for public use

    First Notice

    I claim no ownership to any of these files. I have downloaded the files from the links and people listed in the credits section of this posting, so please pass your thanks to the appropriate people

    Credits and links

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    SP FLashtool
    I think I got this from XDA

    The how to is on the Google Drive

    OK all of the files as I said, are on my Google drive:
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    Copy and paste the link into your browser


    First thing make sure you have the drivers installed. Your phone should automatically be detected and the drivers installed when you plug it into your PC, but in case you have any issues, you can download the MTKUsBALL_0.8.2.rar file for the drivers needed

    OK, Let's start with Rooting

    1.) downlaod the SRS setup.exe file, and install it on your computer

    2.) Make sure you have USB Debugging, and Unknown Sources checked in your settings on the phone

    3.) Start the Program, plug your phone in to your PC, let it install any extra drivers

    4.) Select the "Root Device (All Methods) option

    5.) Let the program run, once it's finished, the program will say your rooted

    6.) Unplug you phone and Reboot

    CWM Recovery

    1.) Downlaod and extract the CWMrecovery.rar

    2.) Plug your phone in to your PC

    3.) open the phone in Media Device Mode

    4.) Copy the CWMrecovery.img to the root of the SD storage

    5.) set your phone back to Charge only mode

    6.) Go to Google Play Store and download and install Mobile Uncle tools

    7.) Open Mobile uncle. ( This next step is very important)

    8.) Select "IMEI Backup Restore (MTK)) option

    9.) Back up your IMEI to the SD storage

    10.) Select the "Recovery Update" option

    11.) Select The CWMrecovery.img at the top of the window ( DO NOT INSTALL ANY OF THE RECOVERIES LISTED IN THE WINDOW "RECOVERY FILE IN REMOTE") there is only 1 recovery made for this phone

    12.) Once finished the phone should reboot into recovery, If not you can enter Recovery by:

    a.) Shut the phone completely off

    b.) Hold the VOL +/- key in for about 5 seconds

    c.) After 5 seconds, continue to hold VOL +/- and press the Power button and hold until the bootloader menu appears

    d.) Use the VOL + to select recovery mode

    e.) If you can boot to recovery, you have completed installing CWM recovery

    f.) Reboot your phone and install Clockworkmod from the Play store, Only use this APP to create a backup folder on your storage


    Re-partitioning your storage

    For some reason Blu didn't partition the storage on these phones correctly.Download and extract the MTK6589Partition_4GB_8GB_16GB.rar

    1.) copy the Meteos-mtk6589-rom-edit-optimized_for8GB_16GB-en.apk

    2.) put this on your phone storage

    3.) Install the APP


    5.) With your phone plugged in to your PC, open it in media mode

    6.) Copy all of the files in the SD storage, to your computer (make a folder on your desktop

    7.) Now run the APP

    8.) Select The "7.13 GiB/ Data partition (only 16GB ROM)  option

    9.) When it is finished there will be a window pop up advising you to reboot into recovery and do a factory reset before
    the partition will take effect

    10.) I hope you did step 5 and 6, because this will wipe your storage clean and erase everything

    11.) After you factory reset the phone, reboot

    12.) copy what ever files you want back to the phone

    13.) You should now have 4 GB data, and 12 GB storage

    Custom Roms

    There are already a few custom Roms available on the web. They are in Zip files, so that you can install them using CWM recovery

    Before installing any custom rom, you should install any APP like Root Explorer. Open the APP and navigate to the SYSTEM folder open it, open the ETC folder, and copy the FIRMWARE folder to your SD storage.

    Some of these phones, mine for one, will not accept the settings in the firmware folder of a custom rom, so what I have to do is copy the stock rom FIRMWARE folder on the SD storage, and replace the FIRMWARE folder of the custom rom, then set the permissions to rw-r-r before I can get my Phone-Data-Wifi to work

    When Installing any custom rom

    1.) Copy the "rom-name".zip file to your phone

    2.) Reboot into recovery

    3.) Factory reset, wipe Cache partition, wipe Dalvick Cache

    4.) Select install zip from sdcard

    5.) Select Choose zip from SDcard

    6.) Select the Rom

    7.) Select install rom

    8.) reboot

    Be patient when rebooting, some of the Roms can take up to 15 minutes before they boot up completely

    To the DEVs here at AR51, Please use any file I have on my Google drive as you wish. I have a copy of the Stock Rom from Blu on the drive, maybe you can put an AR51 twist on it.

    Thank you way in advance for any Dev'ing you do with it.

    I'll post a How to for SP Flash tool later. This tool can be used to reflash stock, or unbrick the phone

    If anyone has any issues getting the files from my Google Drive let me know, and we will figure out another way to get them to you.
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    Re: Blu Life View

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    Good Post very informative   Thanks
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