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New(used) phones, woot!

« on: January 30, 2014, 09:08:40 AM »
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    Ok, so, a coworker buddy of mine just gave me a couple of X2's that I'd talked him out of using for target practice with his new gun. So, here I am with two heavily used and abused, but functional phones that just need a little TLC, some new screens and batteries, and I would like to bring them over to ST. These are Verizon phones, so I'm thinking it wont be too difficult to make it work, but can someone give me a how-to? I browsed Google, but nothing really prominent popped up, aside from the random genius post on 'Ask me fast' or something similar by an aretard that like, can totes bebein gr8 @ nu phns an 1337 sp33k r007 wordfoshizzle? Any help would be appreciated. :-D

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