Author Topic: is anyone still working on this?  (Read 2760 times)

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is anyone still working on this?

« on: March 26, 2014, 10:55:00 PM »
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  • egmagrey

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    looking for someone to show me the ropes on how to go about building a rom for the telus samsung ace q aka samsung appeal
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    Re: is anyone still working on this?

    « Reply #1 on: April 02, 2014, 12:20:56 AM »
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  • KRaZy WaKa

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      Deeper down the rabbit hole!!!!
    i've kinda pushed development to the side, Motorhead has been working on an AOSP rom and other stuff but he's been taking a break as he's burnt himself out... he spent months getting this phone to the point where it can be tackled by any willing dev or anyone else willing to put in the time to learn.

    I came into it as a total noob as far as androids go, I built the WaKd OuT! ROM which is a fairly bloat free rooted modified stock rom, it is light and fast compared to stock and a good building point for future developments... i started on a new WaKd OuT based on the Telus Ace Q stock backup posted here on the forums but have had some problems finding the time or solace to work on it further, i have a 3 year old son and have been on the hunt for a job on top of other things and i don't have the sit down time to devote to it at the moment and my dev system got reappropriated.

    I will pick it up in the future but a good point to start if you're interested in building a ROM yourself would be to get on the xda forums and research android kitchen and android sdk as you will need both to get started building roms on top of other android development.

    Good Luck, read everything at least twice before attempting it, know the risks, expect to mess stuff up and when you do don't go into panic mode or you will make it worse... BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP! Don't get discouraged and Happy Devving
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