Author Topic: My signal no longer sucks but I've changed so many things I don't know why  (Read 649 times)

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    My signal is 1x and 3 bars damn near all the time at home. I've tried everything from apps to homemade yagi antennas with no serious improvement. I get 3g a few times a day for 20 min or so & if I dl something at that moment I can "hold" it till it finishes. Then I'm back to sloppy signal till the tower swings back my way like some lighthouse.
    I updated my rom to tc1.2 and my recovery to the new twrp.... And hit the straight talk wall. Throttled till I feed the beast. So, I decided to see just what the difference is between crappie signal and crappie signal with a data anchor is.
    Using cool tools, I averaged 17 kbs upload at 1x/no throttle. I also had trouble maintaining dl if it was bigger than 100 Meg. Since throttle, I don't show anything faster than 9 kbs upload, but can do 200m and I show a constant 3g and 4 bars. It just takes forever. So, what improved the signal?
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