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    I'm fairly new to the Android world. My Fuel is only my 3rd smartphone. Before this I Han an S4 and iPhone 4. I'm definitely happier with Android. I've always been amazed by computers but I never took the time to learn about them. Up until 2 years ago when someone gave me their old Compaq I had only owned one computer which I got in 5th grade. It was a Packard Bell 486 with Windows 3.1 and good old dial up running Prodigy. It amazes my how far we've come. Since I got the Fuel, I've been trying to learn what I can. It is rooted thanks to Towelroot and I've played with a couple little things but not much. I mainly surf around trying to soak up what I can. I have great respect for all ladies and gentlemen out there that figure out the great things I've been reading about. A lit if the content I don't understand but little by little I soak things in.
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