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Hello From Asheville North Carolina

« on: July 17, 2013, 10:36:53 PM »
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    New to the site. I recently inherited a Samsung Proclaim from my wife who has upgraded. I immediately started looking for what I could do with it. Luckily after much investigation I came across you fine folks! I was reading all the posts around the Proclaim area of the forums and was just gathering information. The next day I came back to the site and that was the day you guys released the Rom for the Proclaim. Everything went smooth from CWM to Area51 Rom. I have never played with an Android phone before, but I truly enjoy playing with computer hardware, customization, watercooling etc. Since I found this site and the wonderful developments and info, I haven't stopped playing with the device, to the point where my wife was a little perturbed with me. I just wanted to say thanks, this has been a great introduction and I look forward to learning more.
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    Re: Hello From Asheville North Carolina

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      Let me know. I appreciate help.
    Welcome to the site, and TY for joining VIP

    Read, learn, try, fail, read ALOT more, try, fail, read MORE, try, succeed, teach...

    That's the BEST way.
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