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Introducing Moniker76

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    I am a long time nerd/geek that started out with an Amiga 500 quite some years ago and was hooked from the start on technology of all sorts. Some of my interests are, Android, Linux, Windows, IT, ham radio, RC vehicles, gaming, woodworking, glass blowing, farming, hunting,  fishing,  pretty much anything that grabs my interest indoors and out! I like to help others and learn new things. I am a googleholic, however, I value opinions from trusted knowledgeable sources like the wonderful staff here! So if I ask you a lot of questions that is the reason.  I have been part of several forums over the years and is hands down the most friendly,  helpful,  alive community with all ranges of members from noobs to uber devs and everyone treats each other with respect big or small! Thank you DroidHost and all the other great staff members for making it all happen and donating their personal time... I would also like to thank all the users that help each other out and the V.I.P. users that donate to keep the site alive, hosting for the web and IRC chat costs not to mention the cost of development devices. Please keep that in mind when you get help and or new content has made that  person isn't getting paid and a thanks you goes a long way! If your interested in helping support www and getting first access to new releases before they go public you may sign up here > You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login for only 5$ a for a month or save and get 6 months for 20$!

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