Author Topic: Swipe to...swipe to...ARGH !!!  (Read 646 times)

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Swipe to...swipe to...ARGH !!!

« on: May 27, 2014, 09:01:30 PM »
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    Before anything else I want to say 2 things here:
    I am very grateful for the very existence of this forum for this phone model !!
    It is a very good little phone for the price - but for a few quirks I like it alot.

    There are 2 slide-to things which are making me slightly nuts and I see no way to deal with them - help, please ??

    I want to lock/unlock my screen 100% manually as I am at home most of the time and the phone just sits on my table waiting to be used.
    Is there an app or any easy way to accomplish this, please ??

    I use Sipdroid for VOIP calling - and the default 'slide to answer' screen comes on when I get a call - but is VERY temperamental - I'd like to have a simple button to answer/hang up - is there a working app for this, please ??
    (I also usually cannot get the keypad to slide up IF it will even answer at all, so checking voicemail is almost impossible; is there a sort of replacement dialer that has silly things like on hook/off hook/speakerphone buttons ??)

    Thanks in advance for any helpful replies !!
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