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desperatly need assistance

« on: March 29, 2015, 10:54:56 AM »
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     Hey guys how talk doing. I feel like I came long way last few wks. this my first rooted experience and its been both a headache and a wet I lost my LG keyboard and that put me back couple days til I flash stock firmware and fact reset start over. now I managed flashing cwm11  successfully 2ith 2.8.5 TWRP recovery and no problems until last night I had restored my phone to uninstall xposed framework modules since I needed room for my gapps and unfortunately in my last backup I forgot my pattern security lock and been tryin every combo I can think of but I "poke a lot of smot" everyday and seems to have forgotten now I locked out my awesome lil toy. does anyone kno how to combat this problem with out a pc? I using another cell actually old HTC stuck on 2.3.4 to get on here cause my son just burn the hard drive up in our desktop now this. I called net10 they told me take out battery put in and simontaneously hold Pwr and vol down til I see LG logo and release Pwr while hold vol down and hurry hit Pwr again that would bring me to recovery were I can hard reset but I have boot animation and soon LG logo go back off my Android pissin on a Apple appears then loops rite back to LG logo and repeat same thing. does anyone have any info they can offer As to how get around it or bypass it. I can only access emergency calls and the pattern screen. I know rest my info but several mths ago wen I do my initial back up I had pattern lock but who knows wat it was and I locked out until I figure somethin out. pls guys I live in the boon docks my lil fuel is my fuel. I Comcast my tv and Pandora is my entertainment and pc shot til amazon sends my hard drive so is there anything I can do. thanks
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