Author Topic: Needing A Button App That Works On A Non-Rooted LG Optimus Fuel LG-L34c  (Read 741 times)

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    I was able to download a good power off button on my Polarid PMID701I, PMID4311 and PMID 4312 tablets and it works well to turn them off without the power button. I think I rooted those tablets but Google Play Store doesn't want to work on them so I have to use 1 Mobile Market.  I would like to download that Power Off Button to my new lg optimus fuel l34c cell phone and my Zeki Tablet. I downloaded it on both devices and no go as it said my device needed a root. I think I rooted the Zeki Tablet. I think you had to do that to egt Google Play Store to install on it. The lg optimus fuel l34c phone has Google Play store on it. I am getting them impression from this happening and some other stuff I saw on there that the phone may not be rooted.

    So I need to root the phone. I went looking online to to find good downloads of a rooting program I could use without a PC. Downloaded 2 such programs to the computer./ I think one was a Framer something or other. That thing showed up as having a virus in it when I tried to download it so I immediately got out of there. The other one showed no virus but when I emailed it to my phone and tried to download it on the phone from there, it gave me an error message and acted like the program could goof up the phone. I don't want that. So I deleted it. I can't seem to find any phone/tablet off button apps to turn the phone off that don't need rooting. I tried a Button Savior App the non root version and that did not work either. All I want the app to do is turn the phone or tablet off when you press it. Totally off and not a screen off.

    Anyone know what I can do to get an app like this on my phone? Is there a version of this app that works with non-rooted devices. I sure don't want to brick at phone. I the Zeki Tablet is the 10" one and I think it may have Jelly Bean or maybe ICS on it. Not sure on the new phone. Could be Kit Kat.

    Any advice greatly appreciated. Ya'll are the experts on it and not me lol. :)
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