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New to the forum

« on: May 05, 2015, 03:36:47 AM »
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  • JMehrlan11411

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    hi, my name is Joe I have a Straight Talk LG Fuel LGL34c I did a towelroot about 8 months ago and was going to start messing around with the phone then I saw on other sites people keep brickingthere phone and I just ran across this forum and joined.
    I have a few questions.
    all these questions are if I do everything rite will it still mess up the Fuel and brick the phone? I cant brick it this is the only phone my son is aloud to call me on he is 4 and I am not aloud to see him for 2 more years cus his mom messed up with drugs and I got screwed over.

    I have Titanium Backup free and PRO (purchased), Root Explorer by speed software (purchased) BusyBox,  SetCPU for root users (purchased) Rom Manager free and premium (purchased) RootChecker that came with Supersu in the app. (or says it dose) I have move app to SD card and send to SD card (never used yet) DroidWall  and AdFree..

    1. is there any othere apps for rooted phones that I should or must have I would like a free or free to try version of the app and if I like it I will purchase it I belive in spending a lil bit of money for people or the make of apps that help me. I would rather ask before I do something that will mess my phone up.
    2. is it ok to change the Boot Animation for the LG Fuel?
    3. can I Uninstall System Apps on the Fuel?
    4. can I increase Internal Memory and RAM?
    5. is there an app for the fuel that can change permission of an app cus some have permissions they don't need

    I have other questions but will ask later after/if I get help with these.  thanks in advance.
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    Re: New to the forum

    « Reply #1 on: May 05, 2015, 12:13:00 PM »
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    Welcome to the forum.......theres a post on the forum on what apps you can remove..........just remember to make sure you have a backup before doing any thing.......boot animation can be changed if you know how to...theres a few apps out there that will do what you want as far as permission.........internal memory and ram im not sure........remember the bootloader is still locked on the its limited in what you can do and still have a working phone.......i wouldnt  delete any thing that says LG.........
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