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I am kind of in the middle of a OS construction zone right now so I'm trying to upload everything I have to MEGA and then I will be wiping the HDD and reinstalling Win10 Insider Preview and Win8.1.

I think I can still run the Kitchen though and try to look at them. I cant say I know a whole lot about Android in general seeing as I just started getting into this stuff like 3 months ago.

I will check it out, do some more research, and I'll get back to you with what I found.

---------> I just flashed the Modded Kernel with ADB Direct Root Enabled and it does work just fine on my device. No Boot Loop issues here!! ;D
If I upload the boot.img from the g360p (the boost/sprint variant) could you compare it to the s820l stock image? I would like to test your kernel on it, but want to play it safe. They use the same stock recovery/blazer64's TWRP, but not sure about the boot.img.

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____________----------Mods For This Kernel-------------____________

- ADB Enabled

- ADB Root Direct Enabled --> Only in ZIP labeled as such!<--

- init.d Support

- DM-VERITY Disabled


- SE Policy Patched

WARNING: Kernel with ADB Direct Root Enabled is an experimental feature and may cause BOOT LOOP!!

I personally have flashed the former boot.img on my first and only smartphone, the SM-S820L and it works great!

I will be flashing the ADB Direct Root Enabled in the next few days most likely.

Included in both of these ZIP files along with the modified boot.img's is a TAR_MD5_PACKAGER which can be used to create .tar and .tar.md5 files for flashing with ODIN. I recommend this method and use it myself for many operations like this.

--> Attached to this post is the Original text I had tried posting and it has more explanation in detail.

I would like to thank Assayyed @ XDA Developers for his program, 'Assayyed Kitchen'. These mods would not have been possible without that software. THANK YOU ASSAYYED!!!!!
Thank you for taking time to contribute to this device! If you don't mind my asking, what are the changes you made to the stock kernel?

I was recently able to modify the Kernel from a stock boot.img for the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L.

------------>  My original message got deleted because this website is not quite functional. Posting does not occur if attachments are included with the OP. SO!!!

 Bear with me as I update this message to the original since copy/paste from my saved .txt of the original does not work either!
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime / Re: stuck in odin mode
« Last post by Mycofanatic on December 06, 2016, 02:17:02 PM »

Hey there!

I am in a much better spot lately to be able to help with this phone since it is my first and only smartphone, it's good to have options.

I grabbed a download of Assayyed's program, 'Assayyed Kitchen' over at XDA fourms and I have been working at customizing the stock ROM for this device with a few modifications.

This Kitchen is pretty darn slick and I already have modded the kernel of the stock boot.img

I flashed that boot.img after making a .tar.md5 with a packager and used ODIN for the flashing. It works!

If you would like, OP, I can make an ODIN flashable STOCK ROM for you in a jiffy. No problems with that Kitchen. Just hit a few options and it compiles everything for you.

Lemme know if you are still in need or if you have figured it out already.

I will probably just make some threads on this forum anyways for this device. I have some threads over at Needrom but I would like to contribute to this site because I have gotten some good help here. :)
General Chat / Re: I'm still active :)
« Last post by blazer64 on December 06, 2016, 09:15:58 AM »
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Glad to see your still around,sorry to hear about your parents....
Yeah but oh well life goes on :D and thanks. Hows the website doing lately?
General Chat / Re: I'm still active :)
« Last post by daddy366 on December 06, 2016, 07:29:30 AM »
Glad to see your still around,sorry to hear about your parents....
General Chat / I'm still active :)
« Last post by blazer64 on December 05, 2016, 11:52:50 PM »
Hello imback from the dead :) jk well I'm back I'm still active as right now. I was to busy with work and family.  To tell u the truth my parents got deported,  so I had to work double and save money. The good they're coming over again :) I'm sorry for ignoring your posts and. Stuff :( oh my core prime is broken so I can't continue my development on it :(  I might though since I might buy it on a low price :) if not oh well I'm still active  I'm not dead :)
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;D   To Blazer64,  Thank You So Very Much Brother!!!!

 I cant tell you how grateful I am for these files you are sharing. I looked high and low with all the best search engines, Android forums, and even torrent files on Qbittorrent; NOTHING to show for it but then.....

I found this site and your thread. I was so excited to have found a custom TWRP recovery for my SM-S820L I think I was euphoric. :o

Nevertheless I downloaded the files, followed your instructions plus a bunch of other instructions from various sources. Eventually I had confidence that I knew enough about modding my phone with a custom recovery.

I took the leap and Hell Yeah!

I'm TWRP'in

Thanks again Bro-_
No problem bro its cool af good thing u have it working that's all I care :)
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