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Samsung Galaxy S3 / Re: Kitkat for s3? Help please
« Last post by Droidriven on September 30, 2016, 04:32:09 PM »
Flashing H1 isn't necessary anymore but it doesn't hurt that you did it. Some things are old information, always look for every piece of information just in case things change. If you had read more threads you would have seen that you didn't need to flash H1.

Anyway, at this point you install Cydia Impactor on PC, boot the device to download mode, connect to PC and run Cydia, it will root you in about 8 seconds.

Then you need to follow this thread by me.

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Everything there is clearly explained.
ROM Releases / Re: [CM11][ROM] WIP For The Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L
« Last post by realwelder on September 30, 2016, 04:05:11 PM »
I figured it would. The question is in the RIL. Hope it works though.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 / Re: Kitkat for s3? Help please
« Last post by catmanbert on September 30, 2016, 02:38:47 PM »
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I have looked everywhere out there for a way for e to update to kitkat on my SCH-S968C straight talk samsung galaxy s3. But I found nothing. How do I update to kitkat on this phone? Is there a way? Thank you
Yes, first I need to know if you have the H1 or the H2 baseband. Go to your system settings/about phone and go down to your baseband version, it will end in H1 or H2. If it is H1 then download the towelroot app and use it to gain root, you can find it here at AA51 in the fuel forums or you can request it from daddy366(co-admin) here. Then go to playstore and download superSU app and install it. Then download CWM d2vzw.img for Verizon or the latest TWRP for d2vzw, make sure you get .img not the .zip and store it in the root of your internal sdcard then download the EZ Recovery for VZW app and install it, open EZ Recovery(grant it superuser permission if prompted), select custom, then press the grey three dot button and go to where you stored the recovery img and select it, when it takes you back to the EZ Recovery screen press flash then press reboot recovery, this will take you to the recovery you flashed, when it boots go to backup/restore and make a nandroid backup of your rooted stock OS then you can reboot to system and go find a ROM and Gapps for your device and store them in the root of your extsd card. There are quite a few ROMs for this device, you will find most of them at XDA Developers in the Verizon S3 forums, there are no ROMs for straight talk but the Verizon ROMs run on our device because our stock firmware is d2tfnvzw and the custom ROMs are d2vzw and d2lte(unified), the unified ROMs run on all S3 variants. The older d2vzw ROMs in kit kat work decent but the newer d2lte are better, there is even CM12 lollipop but these ROMs have come to require a SIM to recieve data, any SIM will work even if its not active, even a regular SIM trimmed down to fit micro slot, but the only SIM that gets everything working properly is a Verizon 4g SIM that is OTA programmed through the phone by dialing *228(this only works safely when done on CM12 not CM11) If a non Verizon SIM is used then you'll need a third party text app for MMS because stock MMS doesn't work and a third party camera app for some of the ROMs, some don't have stock camera issues and work fine, there is also a way to set Hangouts to work for MMS on some of the ROMs instead of using third party. Once you pick your ROM and Gapps and have them on extsd then use the EZ Recovery to boot to recovery then if you haven't made a nandroid backup in recovery then do so now before you go to the wipes, then go to wipe data/factory reset and select it then select yes, when its done select wipe cache then select yes, when its done go to advanced and select it then select wipe dalvik cache then select yes, when its done go back to main menu and select install zip from sdcard, then select install from sdcard1 then select your ROM zip then select yes, when its done flashing, select install zip from sdcard1 again and select your Gapps then select yes, when its done go back to main menu and reboot to system, it will be slow the first time give it time to load, when it loads go thru setup wiz like new then you'll be in your system up and running, get it setup the way you want with apps and settings then use EZ recovery to boot to recovery again and make a backup of your custom ROM so you'll have a stock and a custom nandroid backup and you'll be set. You can use a file manager and go to your extsd card and go to your clockworkmod/backup folder and rename your backups to stock and custom, your stock will be the earlier date and time and custom will be the later.

If you have the H2 then you will have to start at downloading the H1 stock tar  from Motorheads private server here at AA51, when you have it downloaded save it to pc, then download Odin for pc here or from XDA and install to pc, download your USB drivers for samsung phones and install to pc, go to system settings on your phone and turn on debug mode in developer options, if developer options aren't showing then go to the about phone option and go down to build number and press it real fast about ten times and this will enable the developer options, when you've got debug on then make sure battery has full charge, power the device off, starting with device off press the vol down, home and power buttons and hold them when you see the caution screen, press volume up to go to download mode, with your device in download mode Open Odin on your pc(if you happen to have Samsung Kies installed on pc make sure it is fully closed and not running in the background), using your stock usb cable that came with your phone connect to usb port on pc, if Odin recognizes your device it will show a blue or yellow comm box, click the PDA or AP button (different depending on your version of Odin) then browse to where you stored the stock tar on your pc and select it, when it is showing in the slot click start in Odin, this will flash the stock tar, don't touch anything, when its done you will have a green pass, your device will reboot into the stock H1 firmware, its exactly the same as H2, only the kernel is different, its patched so that the root methods don't work that's why we downgrade to H1 to gain root, now that you have an H1 device you are ready to go back to the top and start from rooting with towelroot and continue from there.

If you have trouble getting Odin to recognize your device and you don't have a comm box then try different usb ports, verify that drivers installed properly, restart pc to verify drivers install, make sure you are using your stock cable, sometimes the usb drivers must be uninstalled then reinstalled before they work properly.

could use help on this if you would please, i downloaded odin and installed the H1 on my phone in place of the H2 now im stuck on getting rest done. tks bert
ROM Releases / Re: [CM11][ROM] WIP For The Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L
« Last post by hydroman202 on September 30, 2016, 02:24:35 PM »
Regarding the boost mobile variant of this phone, I successfully flashed the system,boot part of it, and surprisingly, it booted. I was surprised. Right now I am typing this from another phone, waiting on it to see if it will activate with straight talk. If it does, I will post instructions on how I did it.
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime / Re: stuck in odin mode
« Last post by daddy366 on September 30, 2016, 10:11:39 AM »
Why should we close the topic? Im the one that decides if a topic should be closed.
Galaxy Centura / Re: Please help me root my centura
« Last post by Lael on September 30, 2016, 09:56:47 AM »
See if you can get into download mode by pressing Vol down+power, hold power till the phone vibrates then release power only. Press Vol up to enter Download mode.

If so, then since you have an ext SD card now, install CWM using the instructions here>> You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

If you can do that then you can flash a rom and hopefully get your phone going again. Please read the instructions carefully on how to install CWM.

And you don't root this phone with Odin. You either flash a prerooted rom or use the root files as explained in the link I gave you. Odin is only used to install CWM.
ROM Releases / Re: [CM11][ROM] WIP For The Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L
« Last post by ARMafia on September 30, 2016, 03:33:49 AM »
Seeing as there is interest on this subject and I myself have been curious about it since ive stumbled onto it I will do it. Ill have a topic opened by tuesday with success/failure/progress. I will post back here when I launch the topic and move it I dont wanna flood this thread with something thats irrelevant. Feel free to message me with any support or questions.
ROM Releases / Re: [CM11][ROM] WIP For The Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L
« Last post by realwelder on September 30, 2016, 02:45:41 AM »
Sure is. Personally, I would like you to test it. That way we'll know if both phones can use that firmware for a "back to stock" of sorts. Let me know how you Lollipop comes along. I've been trying to port it as well, but I can't seem to get it past the bootani. Probably something I'm missing or accidentally looked over. Would sure like to see L or M on these devices.

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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime / Re: Upgrading firmware
« Last post by ARMafia on September 30, 2016, 02:21:32 AM »
Has anyone tried this and if so results please.?
ROM Releases / Re: Working on CM PORT - Need Assistance
« Last post by ARMafia on September 30, 2016, 02:17:53 AM »
Any progress?
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