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      Let me know. I appreciate help.

    #AreaRom rules, or "Granny will whomp ya"


    Think of Granny as having been married to a preacher for 60 years. A Bible Thumpin' 'Wrath o' God' type. You know who I mean.

    Now, #AreaRom is HER house.

    She lets little things go by, like a cuss when you stub your toe on the coffee table.

    Keep cussin', and she'll say something to you (PM you a warning)

    Keep it up, she'll toss you outta the house (Kick from channel)

    Come back in and keep your attitude going, she whomp you over the head with a 2x4, and won't let you come back until you've learned your lesson (Kick/ban/shun/gline)

    Seems simple, right? It is simple.

    Just remember Granny.

    And, it's not just cussin', either.

    If Granny says for you to do something, DO IT. (If any Admin or OP asks you to do something, just do it, whether you like it or not. Complain later)

    Examples of NOT allowed: Talk of  getting free Paid apps, or using the nicknames (or even part of the nicknames) with AreaRom or Area51 (Unless you get previous OK by DroidHost or another Admin).(Not limited by these examples, but, you get the idea.

    And don't proxy in. Would Granny like it if you sent somebody into her house, saying it was you? NO. (You can get glined for this)

    No personal bots in #AreaRom


    The Bot will :

    Kick you from the channel, send you to #GrannysCorner for a 5 min time out. You will not be able to change channels, talk to anyone, or do ANYTHING for those five minutes.
    After your time-out is over, you can rejoin the channel you were kicked from (For example: /join #AreaRom)

    All ops are allowed to kick if needed. Do it.

    If you feel you have been unfairly kicked or banned for no reason from the bot, let us know AFTER the ban is up.

    You MIGHT be allowed back. You might not.

    As for Admin or OP bans/glines, send us an email (Mine is You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login).

    I'll look into it, and respond.

    Any talk of Tethering is not allowed it breaks the TOS of most carriers.......1st offence is a warning....2nd offence is 3 day ban.....any thing after that is bye-bye
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