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    1. Be respectful!
        a. treat people the way you would like to be treated.

    2. keep the language to a minimum!
        a. keep in mind that some users may be from different parts of the world and things that are acceptable in one country may not be acceptable in another
        b. we ask that you keep the language to a minimum as little eyes do view this site.
        c. once or twice in a post is tolerable any more then that is overkill.
        d. excessive language yields no more then three warnings.

    3. No trolling!
        a. trolling is personally attacking another member directly or indirectly
        b. any member trolling will be given one warning after which will be banned until another admin or mod reviews your case.

    4. Stop, Search, Post
        a. chances are a question you are wanting to ask has been answered already by another member please use the search button to try and find your answer before posting.
        b. if you are unable to find the answer you are looking for please post your question in an appropriate location. (eg. a question about the phone being bricked should not be found under introductions)

    5. No Nudity! No Questions!
        a. androidarea51 is used by all diff kinds of people verying in age and religion this is just not acceptable in any form no questions.

    6. English only please
       a. we understand that not everyone speaks the same language but the majoraty of the world does read or speak english and chances are the person with the answer to your question doesnt speak any other language.

    7. exessive posting
        a. please only post a topic once and in one location
        b. do not post a question in general then repost in releases if your question is not answered in a timely fashion.

    8. do not post warez
        a. please do not post serial numbers, hacks, cracks, codes or anything else that gets you something for free! devs work hard on there builds and deserve there moneys worth of work!
        b. apk's are ok as the market will not allow you to update them anyway.

    9. do not spam!
        a. advertisment of your products is fine and very welcome here but only one post is needed.

    10. Donations.
        a. We appreciate all donations,it keeps our forum online and well maintained. As a dev, you're allowed to ask for donations in your signature as a thank you for your hard work. However donations up front are not allowed, this forum is about sharing, not about getting paid to do something, that's what your job is for.

    11. no copyrighted material
        a. this is a big no no and an automatic ban as it not only gets you introuble but could effectivly get the forum into trouble also

    12. using others work
        a. please we ask that you first get the original creators premission before posting anything that isnt your work in our forums and that you credit said creator fully!

    13. Advertising and Income Generation
        a. Commercial advertising, advertising referral links, pay per click links and other income generating methods are forbidden. Do not use this forum as a means to make money.

    14. Create only one User Account
        a. You are allowed one User Account. If you create additional accounts, Moderators will disable them and your original account may also be disabled or infracted.

    15. Keep posts/threads on-topic
        a. Whilst a minor amount of off-topic posting may be overlooked, the general rule is your posts / threads must be relevant to the Forum / thread in which you are posting.

    16. Respect Fellow Admins .

    breaking any of these rules will resualt in a warning (unless posted otherwise). three warnings result in a two day ban. if members continue to cause problems it will result in a week ban. anything after this is perm ban!

    *We reserve the right to change, modify, or add any of these rules at anytime. It is up to members to read them frequently and look for changes.
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