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Author Topic: Samsung Galaxy Victory LTE SPH- L300 PROBLEMO!  

Topic Modified: 21/08/13 (07:57) PM
ok so i flashed my stinking rom with odin utilizing the file CWM 6. I ACCIDENTLY DOWNLOADED THE "NO tOUCH" .ZIP. sO NOW I cant use my touch screen only the buttons. I downloaded the right one the "TOUCH" and flashed again the same way and it said sucessful but man its still stuck wo touch screen i wiped the phone. I just got this darn thing Cant even use it. I wanted to root it. Just havin problems all day. I MEANT TO POST THIS FOR VIRGIN MOBILE

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Victory LTE SPH- L300 PROBLEMO!

« Reply #1 » Published on:August 21, 2013, 08:17:58 PM

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If someone could make u a flashable odin for the touch issues it might fix it u might need to cjange its format not exactly but make a tar with md5 i dnt not much about flashable odin files
Even though good luck

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