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a little funneh

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    I bought a zte valet at my local bestbuy a few ago and it turned out to be defective so Instead of driving back down to bestbuy I called tracfone and they sent me a 1day fedex packet to send the defective phone back to them. once I recieved the phone is was supposed to come with my old minutes from the defective phone but they were not I went and called tracfone again (I am a glutton for punishment). I was on the phone for 3 hours straight last time to get them to send me the new phone but this time it was only around an hour an forty minutes to set up my minutes on my new phone. I think I got put on hold around 30 times maybe more.... I had to take a few aspirin then after they said everything  was setup. they said sorry and thank you yadda yadda...when I go to look at my phone it seems like the customer support added in one extra number or something because I had 10 free gigs of data when I had only bought a 60 minute card.
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